2018 Joyful Ornament Recipient

Christy Meetze

Christy is married and has one child still living at home.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, which was treated with chemo and a mastectomy.  The cancer spread to her brain in 2013 and she was treated with radiation.  In 2014, the cancer had spread to her liver and bones, so she underwent chemo again.  The cancer recurred in her brain in 2015 and she was again treated with radiation.  In November of last year, she had surgery to remove a tumor from her brain, then had a complete hysterectomy in February of this year.  The cancer has also spread to the lymph nodes in her neck.  She is under the care of doctors at the GHS Cancer Institute.  She will have chemo at least every three weeks for the rest of her life.