2011 Joyful Ornament Recipient

Frances McWatters

Frances McWatters is the mother of 3 young adult children and has been battling cancer for several years, starting in her breast, then to her brain, and now in her spinal fluid (only 1-2% of all cancers occur here). She testifies of her loving God's faithfulness through it all and says He is her "High King of Heaven, My Treasure Thou Art"! She has never been angry at Him and knows that He does all things well and for her best. She is pro-life from facilitating Abortion Recovery Assistance to fighting hard for her life through medical measures. She is much prayed for by hundreds of fellow believers.
By Brenda Bagwell

When I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer at age 44, I was not despondent because of my faith and love for Jesus. Kelly, my husband and the father of my children had died when my children were 5, 6, and 10; so really I was more concerned for them than myself. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't ready to go, but I haven't had that anger issue, I guess I had all of that when Kelly died when I was 31. After I had recurrence in my brain, then spinal fluid, I will say that getting use to the "new norm" is not easy. My mother stays with me and helps so much, along with my sister, and other friends and family. My young adult children each handle this trial differently. We've done a rough draft for my funeral and that has helped eliminate some of their fears. God has been my constant companion and I have a wonderful devotional called "Stream in the Desert." It was written by a woman caring for her sick husband in the early 1900s. It has some of the most beautiful passages that I've ever read. That devotion has lifted me up in my darkest hours. I want people to see that there is hope and Jesus is always good even when we don't understand our circumstances. I want to bring a smile to people's faces and hearts. I want my small circle of influence to know that my children, whose names are Jarrod, Bailey, and Cale, have been a blessing to me every moment since their birth.
Francis McWatters

Update - Frances went to be with the Lord on March 20, 2016. Please continue to pray for her family.