2016 Joyful Ornament Recipient

Jennifer Bridges

Jennifer Bridges is a brave strong young woman.  As a young adult, she became a single mom to her niece and nephew, ages 4 and 5.  Jennifer saw a need and believed she could provide a better life for them and gained legal custody.  She later met the love of her life, Kevin, and they were married in May 2006.  He loved and embraced the two children Jennifer was raising and in 2011 they added a new addition to the family…a beautiful baby boy.  After recovering from a somewhat complicated C-section life seemed to be on track.  Very tragically on Palm Sunday 2013, Kevin suffered a brain aneurysm that took his life.  He was kept alive for one week while the hospital located a number of organ transplant recipients.

After her husband’s death, Jennifer faith and prayer kept her going.  In January 2015, she had her gallbladder removed after a severe gallbladder attack.  In February 2015 the bad news that no one expected to hear came.  The biopsy report noted goblet cell carcinoma of the colon.

Due to a C-diff infection, surgery was delayed until April 17, 2015.  She had colon re-section and a series of twelve chemotherapy treatments ending in December.  She has been unable to work since being diagnosed and is living on a very small fixed SS income.  Her oldest son has graduated high school and has enlisted in the Navy.  Her daughter wants to go to college and is working on attaining scholarship money and summer employment.