the talent

In 1999, after many test and major surgery to follow just 4 weeks prior, I was told that I had endometrial cancer. Next, I was given my choices, which were an experimental drug to stop the growth of the cancer, but certainly not to cure it, or at an early age, opt to have a hysterectomy. I chose surgery and upon recovery God healed me and I was able to walk away cancer-free. My life was certainly changed by this disease, but my outcome was one that many people are not able to share 12 years later! With God's healing hand, the support of my parents, family and friends and through much prayer I am thankful this was one mountain that I did not face alone.

In late September of 2011 I was approached by a friend, and asked "Would you donate your ornaments for a cause?" When I inquired what would this be and learned it was for another woman with cancer I was honored. You see, at our initial meeting it was my 12 year anniversary of being "cancer-free." My friend had no idea this was my anniversary but God did. I am so thankful that he has allowed me to continue to walk with Him and share a gift that he gave me with other women. It is a treasure when one has the opportunity to share His glory with others.

Joyce Fowler