Meet our joyful team...

Women of Faith, Vision & Courage

Faith is believing that all things are possible with God. Even though we can't see all things He can,
so through faith we trust Him fully in all areas of our lives.

Vision is asking God to allow us to see through His eyes and not our own and then being obedient
to live out what he reveals to us.

Courage is shown in Timothy, as He does not give us a spirit of fear but of a sound mind and
self discipline, therefore we as Women of faith and with a vision need to not be afraid, but
courageous in all things He allows in our lives.

Kristi Giddens - Operations Director

Kyra Lewis - IT Specialist

Tatum Roper - Marketing Coordinator

Angela Kenna - Prayer Coordinator

Dell Panagokos - Logistics Manager

Ginger Cash - Joyful Ornament Designer Coordinator

Stacie Evans - Account Manager

Donna Smith - Hospitality Coordinator

Deb Fiscus - Inventory manager