2013 Joyful Ornament Recipient

Payton Dowling


Tragedy struck our family on January 8, 2013, when our 18 year old daughter, was diagnosed w/ B-Cell    Leukemia A.L.L. (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia), which is also accompanied by a chromosome mutation, called "The Philadelphia Mutation", this can cause problems with the chemo working effectively. Therefore, we may be looking at a bone marrow transplant @ MUSC. The cancer is very aggressive. It’s expected to be a 3 year battle of treatment. Payton was born on March 18, 1994 w/jet black hair, weighing 8lbs. She was the spitting image of her father, Keith Dowling, the apple of his eye. A father's love for his daughter is a love that only a father can feel, but unable to put into words – a look that you can only see in his eye when she walks into the room, a love beyond comprehension. Payton is breathtakingly beautiful, which runs way beyond her skin. She loves deeply & is compassionate about everything that exists in her world. Her friends/family are her life, & all would describe her as loyal, loving, & true to  herself. She lights up any room she enters. And doesn't realize her beauty. Payton is the middle sister of 2 other siblings. Kaitlin is her oldest sister & Maddie is her baby sister. They are extremely close & share an unconditional love that will help get her through this. Her other loves are the family Golden we call “Nemo” & the erratic family cat, we call “Dallas”. Payton was accepted into the College of Charleston and in her 1st semester is when this terrible sickness hit. She finished high school at Hillcrest in Simpsonville, SC in 2012. She graduated with honors & holds a SC license in cosmetology (Her Passion). My name is Susan, Payton’s mom. I can explain the events that took place throughout her life, & can tell you every detail of what has transpired since she became ill in Nov. 2012. I can tell you about her long black hair & how it shines, I can tell you about the sparkles in her eyes & what makes her cry & what makes her laugh & what she loves to eat, her favorite color, & all about her passion for animals & life, I can tell you all about her friends, & about her most embarrassing moment, but I can’t tell you about the fear & the pain that is running through my heart and soul right now. I can’t tell you how I felt in Oct. When we were walking through life w/ no worries, because that’s been too long ago. I can tell you that I am ready for this fight w/every fiber of my body. I will shave my head when she              loses hers. In God we trust & I know He will not leave us. God bless each of you, but most importantly, God bless our daughter, that you entrusted us w/ 18 years ago.





http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/paytondowling   YOU MAY VISIT HER PAGE AT ANYTIME !!

 2015 ~ I should be finished up treatment in November. Just doing oral chemo and clinic visits right now.

I will be returning to Charleston in August for school! And that's pretty much it (: