2016 Joyful Ornament Recipient

Samantha Waddell Powell

Samantha is a single mom of two. Blake, her 21 year old son is studying criminal justice and will graduate this coming fall. Sydni is her 15 year daughter who is in the ninth grade. In July 2014 Samantha was diagnosed with goblet cell carcinoma. This is an extremely rare cancer with a one in one million diagnosis each year. It is ultimately terminal. Samantha had surgery that removed her appendix and 40% of her colon. She began chemotherapy in September 2014 and stopped March 2015 as the cancer was in remission.

This past September, while at Emory, a CT scan showed cancer in all of her female organs and large tumor in her chest. Four weeks later she had the tumor, her uterus, and her ovaries removed. She has re started chemotherapy every other week. Samantha is very sick and cannot each the first full week after each treatment. She will return to Emory on May 13th to check for any signs of cancer and to check her levels again. If everything looks good, she will return on May 23rd for either the heated chemotherapy or surgery.

Samantha is a loving, caring person and never hesitates to help when needed. As you might imagine, her medical bills and traveling expenses are mounting up. She is a faithful member of Cedar Grove Baptist Church.