2012 Joyful Ornament Recipient

Sarah McClintock

Hi! My name is Sarah. I was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a brain tumor, on August 30th, 2011. My Mom and Grandma brought me to the emergency room because they thought I might have a concussion. I had been complaining of severe headaches and double vision. They decided to do a CT Scan. The results of the scan showed that there was a brain tumor in the back of my head. He told my family that he would feel safer if they transported me to the Greenville Hospital. Once I arrived, I had an MRI where they discovered the type of brain tumor. I had medulloblastoma. My surgery was then scheduled for September 7th to remove the tumor. Thankfully the surgery was successful and my surgeon was able to remove all of the tumor!

After spending a few days in the hospital I was able to go home. Next came radiation and chemo. I only needed 30 treatments of radiation. I was blessed with the best radiation therapist there was. Despite the weakness and sickness that came with radiation I was able to pass out tracks and witness to a lot of people on my last day of radiation. Chemo is a lot easier though! I am currently on my seventh treatment out of nine. I am praising God for how He has protected me from the healing, yet harsh chemicals in the chemo.

I have learned many, many lessons through my tough trial about God's faithfulness and loyalty. My favorite lesson though is that when you feel far from God and lonely, it is not that God is wandering away from you. It's that you are wondering away from God. He will always remain faithful to you no matter what! :-)

Hebrews 13:5
Sarah McClintock






2015 ~

       Sarah has just finished her 8th grade year and will be going into high school next year.  She finished with all A’s and one B.  She was awarded the ACE award from Coaches for Character which was a huge honor for her.  She is back into riding horses and this past December we found a sweet mare to “replace” her beloved Aly.   She is a vibrant, healthy, happy teenager with big dreams.  She would like to become a pediatric oncologist when she grows up so she can be a help and encouragement to other kids that will be going through what she has gone through.  She is a light to all who sees her and her testimony is strong for the Lord.  Praise God for this miracle he has given us.  We are so blessed!!

 Quote from Sarah ~ 

“Joyful Ornaments were so kind to my family!  Their gifts and prayers were really an encouragement to me during my trials with chemo.”